Cafe Angelique

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November 17, 2012 by Rakroc

Last night I stopped into Cafe Angelique on Grove in New York City.  One of the things that is particularly interesting about this blog post is that I have visited this cafe three years ago and did not enjoy my dining experience.  The experience I had then was terrible!  I can’t remember whether or not the food was good, but I remember leaving a very nasty note on the back of my receipt because my waitress was unreasonably rude.

So, I tried again yesterday and I must say my waittress was polite and friendly this time; however, she wasn’t as attentive as I would have liked.  I’m not the type of customer who needs or even in fact prefers that the waitress constantly checks in on me.  But, my coffee cup came to me luke warm, which may mean it was poured well before I received it, when I finished drinking the coffee it sat empty a little too long, and she gave me a menu but never came back to take my order.  In my opinion, I felt like I had to keep trying to get her attention when my needs were not met.

I ordered the ‘Frost on the Pumpkin’ stuffed cupcake.  The thing about autumn is that you’ll find pumpkin flavoring in everything.  It’s something I actually look forward to every year.  The cupcake was flavorful and the texture was moist but crumby.  If I could describe it, I would say it was like the top of a coffee cake but with more moisture.  It was topped with a white frosting that smelled of nutmeg and cinnamon spices.   It was very tasty but I think there was an imbalance of cake and frosting because there was way more frosting than cake.  In the picture, you’ll see that instead of a traditional cupcake cup, the baker used waxed paper.  Cafe Angelique outsources their baked goods but I wasn’t able to get much information online about the bakers.  Anyhow, the cupcake was an interesting concept but it lacked something; perhaps the cake.

The restaurant experience was nice.  The ambiance is remnant of a quaint French restaurant.  I think it was actually pretty cool that it makes you feel like you’re completely someplace other than New York City.   The downfall is, American people are not built like the skinny Frenchmen.  Let me explain, the chairs were so small that it was a little uncomfortable for me while I was seated.  And, depending on where you are seated, you don’t have much room between you and the table beside you; you may have to move to adjust for the comfort of both parties.

Another highlight is, ‘Angelique’ showcases artist’s work in their cafe.  So, I got to see some pretty good art work and eat cake all at the same time.  The artist showcased was Lisa Mee.  Her art was mixed medium.  It’s textured, it’s collage, and it’s expressionist.  I would say it was inspired by Jackson Pollock in her approach.  Her paintings make you feel good!  They’re light and pretty.  The title of this painting is called ‘Beckoning’.

Should you “GO”?  Or, is it a “NO”?

I would say, “…Eh?”  Although the cafe had some good things going for it, I’ll definitely live if I never make it back.


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