Cake Overload!

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November 19, 2012 by Rakroc

This weekend was my birthday.  And, what’s a birthday without cake? Hmmm?  How about a lot of cake?

Well, it kinda’ started on Friday when my co-worker brought in two slices of red velvet cake for me as a surprise for my birthday weekend.  The very same night I went into the City to do my review on Cafe Angelique.  And, the next day (my actual birthday) I was treated to dinner by my family at “The Manor” in West Orange, New Jersey.  That night, I ate too much and to be frank, I can’t afford to gain anymore weight that I’m already carrying.   When my girlfriend arrived to meet us for dinner, I was totally surprised to see she had a birthday cake in hand.  Great!  Everyone knows how much I love cake.  😉  The cake she ordered was a round, triple-layer, yellow cake with chocolate icing and butter cream flowers from Supreme Bakery.

After we returned to my family’s home from dinner, we reluctantly sliced into the cake.  We were all full from dinner.  After eating dinner at an all you can eat, seafood buffet, we literally had to make room for the cake. How do you know when you’ve overdosed on cake?  Don’t ask me what the birthday cake tastes like.  I ate the cake as a novelty and not as a critic.


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