Bake Awakening

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November 22, 2012 by Rakroc

Happy Thanksgiving!  I have really enjoyed my blogging experience and am always thinking of ways to showcase my interests with you in a variety of ways.  One of the things that I thought would be interesting to do would be to make a cake of my own.  I attempted, Paula Deen’s “Blue Velvet Cake”  recipe and I think I faired well. 

However, the cake making process provided me with a whole other experience than I expected.  I purchased all of my ingredients and followed the directions to the letter.  When I had all of my ingredients blended and poured into the bowl, I tasted the cake batter.  It was at the moment that I knew why I was doing what I was doing.  I was a 5-year old again in my grandmother’s kitchen, tasting the batter off of the beaters. 

Being thrown back in time made a revelation apparent that I really miss my grandmother.  This is the third Thanksgiving without her, since her passing and I can’t say it’s easier every year. 

Today, I realized two things.  One is: baking made me feel close to her again.  Her cooking and baking is where I watched her do something she loved.  It was how she showed her love for me and my family.  Two: since my grandmother’s passing, my mother has filled that void and stepped into the “Chief Chef” role and perhaps it’s how she feels close to her mother; my grandmother. 

Pictures will be posted on another blog post of my cake making experience.


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