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November 23, 2012 by Rakroc


Yesterday, I brought a cake to Thanksgiving dinner with my family.  I didn’t tell anyone that I would be bringing a prepared dish for the meal intentionally, just in case my baking experience was unfavorable.  I took a chance and decided to make a “blue velvet cake” because it’s a little unusual.  This cake is simple to make if you follow instructions and pay close attention.  I baked three cakes; one was a complete failure, another I burned, and the final cake I followed very strict instructions. The third cake was the successful cake. 🙂


It was moist and fluffy.  I will say this though, the cake baked faster than I thought it would so I had to keep a close eye on it.  In my opinion, the cake was a little sweet but it was tasty and it passed my family’s taste test.   It was a treat for those willing to try the unusual looking cake.  Those who couldn’t get past the unusual color, will never know.  I must say it was fun to make this cake because it was a challenge for me.  And, that’s what life is all about; living and learning.


See the link for the recipe:


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