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Quite simply, I started this blog because I enjoy art, reading and eating sweets.   I feel like this is a way of life for me and I hope that I’m not alone.  But, I’m almost certain I am not alone in this.  Whether you’re the nerdy guy that peruses the local bookstore thumbing through the stacks for the right read, the starving artist that’s inspired by Andy Warhol, or the novest “cake connoisseur” this is the blog for you.

In the past, I’ve embraced other social media platforms much easier— but blogging has been somewhat of a mystery to me.  I do enjoy writing but I’ve always found myself mobile and unable to keep up with the activity of sitting down and writing the thoughts that I care about into this type of platform.  Anyhow, I expect this blog to be fun and interactive.  I’m the everyday man with a simple and uncomplicated opinion on things.  Enjoy!


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